Jeremy is a native of Murfreesboro, TN located just outside Music City Nashville. He attended Anderson University where he studied Bible and Christian Education. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, working out, sharing coffee with friends, and is a true professional in the kitchen. As the founder and director of Jeremy Myers Ministries, he is passionate about seeing others experience freedom from addictions and bondage.

Jeremy grew up in a single-parent home, and once in high school he began to live a homosexual lifestyle in secret. But by the time college was in full swing, the secret was no longer hidden. Wanting to numb his emptiness and pain, Jeremy turned to drugs and alcohol. After living a destructive lifestyle for 13 years, the Lord met Jeremy at his lowest point one night in jail, changing his life forever. Jeremy immediately gave up his destructive life and eventually chose to live whole-heartedly for the Lord. His testimony is what fuels the ministry and his passion.

Today Jeremy is a Christian music artist with the heart of a pastor and the enthusiasm of an evangelist. Through everything he does, he seeks to bring glory to God and encourages others around him to do the same. He would be honored to join with you in ministry for the sake of the Gospel.


Kellie, originally from Michigan, relocated to Tennessee with her family while in high school. She received a degree in English from Middle Tennessee State University and spent some time teaching high school English, local and overseas. She enjoys spending time with her family, getting her hands on anything crafty, exploring new recipes, traveling, and has a true knack for business. As co-director of Jeremy Myers Ministries, she is passionate in assisting the ministry to fulfill the vision that God has set forth.

Kellie came to know the Lord and develop a personal relationship with Him while in high school. If it had not been for a few friends that were Christians choosing to not take “no” for an answer, she would not be the woman of God that she is today. Kellie is no stranger to heartache or struggle; she chooses to be transparent about her story with other women so that they may experience the same freedom from self that she now walks in daily.

Today Kellie has the heart of a servant and chooses to look through the lens of Christ with everything she does; being a wife to Jeremy proves just that. No matter what she is doing, she seeks to be an encouragement to those around her and to share the heart of God no matter the cost.